Otros eventos Científicos
V Conferencia InterAmericana de Oncología

Octubre 10-11, 2013, Buenos Aires, Argentina



It´s our honour and pleasure to invite you to attend the Fifth conference “Current Status and Future of Anti-Cancer Targeted Therapies” that will be held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 10th. and 11th, 2013.

An outstanding faculty of speakers from the United States and Europe has committed to participate in this meeting. The conference agenda will focus on new translational advances in the treatment of cancer as well as provide updates of conventional therapies for a number of the most common tumor types.

The meeting objectives are designed to introduce the audience to the latest information on targeted therapies, immunotherapies, and emerging treatments in early development. The major emphasis will be on clinical aspects of cancer treatment in the 21st century with discussion of significant scientific advances underlying the novel approaches still in preclinical development.  

This meeting is the primary opportunity for practicing oncologists, hematologists, basic and clinical, translational investigators, scientists  and cancer related health care workers oncologists and health workers to participate in a conference focusing on novel targeted therapies and other treatment advances which are changing the face of cancer care. 

The meeting does not charge a registration fee and the presentations are translated into Spanish in real time for the attendees.


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19/11/2015 IV Congreso SEOQ y VI Reunión de GECOP


Es un placer invitaros a participar en el próximo IV Congreso SEOQ y VI Reunión de GECOP que organizaremos el 19 y 20 de noviembre de 2015 en la ciudad de Madrid.


Esta edición del Congreso representa la consolidación de la fusión de este evento entre la Sociedad Española de Oncología Quirúrgica y el Grupo Español de Cirugía Oncológica Peritoneal, y como novedad realizaremos como actividad Pre-Congreso el I Curso Básico de Oncología Quirúrgica el día 18 de noviembre, dirigido a cirujanos jóvenes y residentes de cirugía de los últimos años.



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